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Yatzy Arena 3.0.44 MODs APK

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unlimited gold/stones
unlimited Gems
unlimited Cash
unlimited Unknow item

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Allows applications to open network sockets.
Allows using screen from dimming.
Allows applications to change Wi-Fi
Allows access Wi-Fi networks.
Allows an application to read from external storage.

Yatzy Arena MODs (Unlimited Info)

RequiredAndroid 5.0+
Totall V1130

Yatzy Arena Mod Apk 3.0.44 [Unlimited coins/money] Features:

Yatzy Arena 3.0.44 MODs APK download – (Unlimited Money/Hacks) free for Android (100% Working, tested!) About Yatzy Game

Yatzy or Yahtzee is a dice roller game of luck, risk, skill and strategy. Yatzy Arena is the ultimate and most addictive multiplayer version of the classic Yahtzee. The goal is to achieve the highest score in the Yatzy scorecard. Play live with your friends or family!

Yatzy Rules

Yahtzee is an easy to learn brain game. In each turn you have 5 or 6 dice depending the mode. Roll the dice 3 times in order to achieve the desired numbers and pick the combination with the most points on the scorecard.
Yatzy Arena offers 6 Yahtzee Game Modes in which you can gain access according to your level. Unlocking each one of them is part of your journey to the ultimate success!
1. Newbies (unlocked at level 1)
2. Amateurs (unlocked at level 2)
3. Professionals (unlocked at level 4)
4. Experts (unlocked at level 6)
5. Super Players (unlocked at level 8)
6. Gods (unlocked at level 10)
You can play against 1 or 2 opponents depending the mode. Practice and training is the key! Win one match after the other, have fun with buddies, level up, enjoy cool power ups, earn amazing prizes and become the master of this popular social casino dice game.

Pick wisely, score high and get ahead in the rank!
Feeling like chasing the high stakes? Sit back and relax! Double your bet in advance and challenge your opponent either to follow or to give in!
Can you beat them all and become the Yahtzee King?

Yatzy Arena Features

• Daily chips bonus and progressive rewards.
• “Golden Dice” Cool power up, to call for some luck.
• New graphics: Each new Game Mode has unique and quality graphics, yet a simple and user-friendly board
• Different game settings: As Game Modes become more and more difficult, the time to play is reduced so you need to think and act fast.
• Different Bet & Earnings: In each new Game Mode, you have the chance to win more Points and Chips for each victory.
• In-game chat with your oppenents (Online feature)
• “Play with a friend” Challenge.
• Fireworks effects to celebrate a match win!
• Daily, weekly and monthly Leaderboards for top players
• “Share the fun” feature by sending Gifts to your friends even when they are offline.
• Fantastic Yatzie Tournaments with Titan matches between the best of the best!

Scoring Dice Combinations

In order to earn points you must score one of the following combinations.
• Ones, Twos, Threes, Fours, Fives, Sixes
• One pair: 1 pair of any number
• Two pairs: 2 pairs of any numbers
• Three of a kind: 3 of any identical numbers
• Four of a kind: 4 of any identical numbers
• Full house: a set of 3 identical along with 2 identical numbers. For example, 3,3,3,2,2 or 6,6,6,2,2
• Small Straight: a set of 1,2,3,4,5
• Large Straight: a set of 2,3,4,5,6
• Royal Straight (only in last 3 modes with 6 dice): 1,2,3,4,5,6
• Yatzy: All dice are identical – the best possible roll
• Chance: Any set of numbers with none of the above combinations
For exact points reward check within the game.
Pro hints : If none of the above combinations is achieved you need to “sacrifice” a slot with zero points, so strategy and planning in advance is crucial to win!

American Yatzy is the most renowned version, however Scandinavian Yatzy or Maxi Yatzy are also popular.
The Yahtzee game is also known with various other names or spellings around the world such as: Yatzie, Yazy, Yazzy, Yazee, Yatzee, Yatze, Yatsy, Yahtzy, Yazty, Yam’s, Yacht, Yacthy, Cheerio, Generala or Poker Dice Game. Yahtzee is also an alternative game of Farkle.
Yatzy Arena can be a fun time killer game for all that will turn into a beloved addiction!

Important Notices

– Yatzy Arena is free to download and play and it is addressed to an adult audience.
– The game offers optional in app purchases however all modes can be unlocked without spending any money. Neither real-money gambling nor an opportunity to win real money is offered within the game.
– Yatzy Arena logos and names are trademarks of LazyLand Company.
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